Forum Thread: Parallel GPU Circuit Board

Anyone that has experience with making their own tech from literal scratch, have you ever tried making a Parallel GPU Circuit Board?

I want to try to make one, but i legitimately don't have a clue on where to start. I don't even have an idea of the schematics that would be plausible. I am simply asking for help, or even books that could be referred to aid me.

I know making a cluster is one way to substitute for what I want, but I don't want a cluster cause it wouldn't be mobile. I mean sure, once we're both on-line, in that sense I have a mobile cracking unit, but if I don't have Internet access, then the cluster becomes useless.

I want a Parallel GPU CB attachable to my laptop to aid in cracking offline.
Can anyone help point me in the right direction in achieving to make one that works?

Bloop thanks.

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2 Responses

Unless you're a god at programming, I think this'll be kinda tricky. Sounds like you'll have to rewrite most drivers, including the ones that transfer data through the PCI-E slots.

For now I'll just worry about making the schematic for it.
I can't make drivers yet if I don't have the hardware to test it on, right?
I feel like I can just use already made drivers and take out and put in what I need as necessary while I run and debug.

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