Forum Thread: Parrot OS Encrypted Persistence

Can someone please make a tutorial on how to set up encrypted persistence for Parrot OS.

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The title is very misleading, I thought there was an encrypter persistence script in ParrotOS and the best way to do is to make your own or killav before using the persistence

Sorry for the misleading title; i'll remember to use question marks next time. I meant, remembering Kitten's "article on persistence with kali", if there was a way for encrypted persistence on a USB running Parrot OS. Sorry for taking up your time.

You could try using the same method.
might work.

Yeah, it would be nice if someone would have answered this...

I have been fighting with attempting any form of persistence with this OS for the last 2 days. The Kali method does not work. It might work to mount and unmount, but when it comes time to create a union between the first partition and the second, it goes to hades in a handbasket.

Its exactly the same as the Kali linux guide but make sure you logout and switch user to root and use the password 'toor' by default on the Parrot OS before you start entering commands in the terminal.

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