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"Programming" a word almost every one knows. None-hackers and hackers too. Hackers need to know how to program. There is something I heard a while back: "Learn to program or you're nothing.", while this itself is not true.... You're always something... You should always learn how yo program.

There are multiple languages. The most common are:

1.) C
2.) C++
3.) C#
4.) Python
5.) Java
6.) HTML
7.) PHP
8.) Ruby - I hugely support this language.
9.) Perl
10.) SQL

If I have forgotten one, I am sorry.

Installation is EXTREMELY simple! Nowadays mostly all Linux and UNIX distributions include a recent release of Python. If not, just download it from there official website.

Installing Python:

Step 1: Text Editor

We will need a text editor to write our Python script in. If you're using Windows go to get Notepad++.

Step 2: Installing Python

Download Python from the official website. Remember, Python is a largely used language. There are multiple versions and remakes of it. Install Python 2, not Python 3.

Step 3: Terminal

You can use a terminal if you want. In Windows, I use Powershell to run my Python programs. You can too. If you're in Linux, just use your terminal.

Creating a simple Python program:

Type this into your text editor. Do not copy paste. Type in whatever you want to be honest with the print function. But do not copy paste. This makes it easier to remember.

print "Hello Nullbytes!"
print "How are you today?!"
print "Python is really fun!"
print "Isn't this fun?"
print "Yeah!!!!"

Save the program as: "". End the program in ".py", always. Then run the program from your windows Powershell. Oops! I almost forgot!!!! Type this in Windows powershell if the Python command is not recognized: Environment::SetEnvironmentVariable("Path", "$env:Path;C:\Python27", "User")

That's it for today. Simple isn't it??? I'll be back tomorrow with another Python tutorial. Post your Python based questions in the comment section.

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Nice! Could you explain why use Python 2, not Python 3? Isn't newer better?

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