Forum Thread: Payload and AV

So I get it that exploit is just a way to get payload in...

So lets just say that we're making a normal exe or apk without an specifying an exploit... that means we r not using an exploit and user is on his/her own installing payload right??

If yes... then how do we make custom payload so that the payload doesnt get detected by av??

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4 Responses

Yes, if you make just a payload without using an exploit, the target needs to open it on their pc (depends on the format, it could be an executable file for example). About the AV detection, lately I've been using the custom template option for msfvenom (I just get a copy of some built-in Windows app like paint and use it as a template) in combination with shikata_ga_nai encoding with a few iterations and it seems to bypass the AV installed on my VM.

It will be easier if you make it yourself. That way it won't have a generic signature known by a lot of AVs....I make my own with python and use pyinstaller to make it an I can't really help with the apk...but technic dynamic has got cool backdoors with cool features you can download that on his website...they help a lot :D

So you can only encode or change payload to another language? ? Cant u make your own payload or shall I say 0day payload??

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