Forum Thread: Payload Doesn't Connect Back on Android on Wan . My Isp Blocked Port Forwarding.Any Alternative?

want to test meterpreter on my adnroid.I successfully created payload and installed it on my android but it only works on same network. meterpreter wont connect back outside the network. i believe my isp blocked port forwarding. how can i connect to meterpreter without port forwarding ?

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You can't, you need to forward port.

thanks. changing my isp today. can i exploit on a wired connection without wifi?

Wired connection is ethernet, and yes, you can use it on ethernet.

i have ports 80,2000,8000 open, can i use port 80 or 2000 or 8000? how to use it on ethernet?
what ip and port should i use in payload and msfconsole while on ethernet?

No, it cant be done remotely. Hamachi like game ranger builds connection between two pcs like they are in lan network. That is the reason why his session worked. But sad news are that it cant be done remotely and even if you have physical access it would take you too much time !

use a reverse_tcp but with dns its a lot larger payload but when you change network it will update them with the new ip good for when you have a server that changes ips or you dont know where you will be when you go back to hack far as the port they should allow opening you just have to call them.tell them you have an IP camera and want to watch it remotly

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