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(first , sorry for my bad english , i'm using a translator )

Hello ,

I'm new here and with metasploit and i have questions :

So , " since when the system is rebooted we will lose the listener. " , it's mean that we have to send a new listener et install meterpreter on the PC of the victim each time we want to spy him ...this is very complicated. So , i would know if there is a way to get permanent access so as we won't have to send the listener each time ???

Thanks !

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Check out my article here on how to make the Metasploit listener persistent.

thank you , i didn't see it , sorry for the inconvenience.

I have another question : If we want to hack into a PC that is not in the same local network with us , we'll need the IP adress of the victim ? if answer is " yes " , how can we get this IP adress ?

And : is the windows version of metasploit sufficient for all these hacks?

thank !

The Windows version of Metasploit is not sufficient. Download and install Kali.

What about the question about the IP?

If it's a website, simply ping it and it will respond with the IP.

So , your hacks is only for local network ( lan ) ? do you have tutorials for hack outside network ?

My hacks are for anywhere, inside the network and outside the local area network.

Thanks you very much

"In order to do WAN (Wide Area Network) attacks, you need to port forward according to your listener's port "

And how to do that?

Guys.. Do u have a application or aircrack-ng to hack securred wifi design for android?

What do you mean by secured wifi for android?

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