Forum Thread: Phish for Social Media & Other Accounts with GrayFish

As a student, I have learn a lot of techniques and methods to gather personal infomation. The easiest method I must say is phishing. Phishing is a method in which fake login page that looks similar to original page displayed to victim. When victim enter credentials, it transferred to attacker. For example:

We are going to do same thing with different tools and advance strategy.

Step 1: Download and Upload GrayFish:-

1) Download Zip or clone it from
2) Upload all files to any web hosting you like (e.g 000webhost). Extract if it is Zip.
3) Enter your sitename and reach to admin panel.

Step 2: Select and Send Link:-

1) Login to admin panel. Default User & Pass is fish.
2) After logging in, you will see a list of links.
3) Select any phishing link and send it to victim.

Step 3: Capture a Fish:-

1) If a victim filled form on that link then you will see an increase in number of Fishes button.
2) Click on Fishes button. Information will be displayed after clicking.

Congrats! You have successfully hacked someone !!!

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