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So I was gonna download kali for my pi.. and saw that the version is 2.0... but as seeing its new that kali2... it would have some bugs and all right??

So I was searching around for older kali versions and found armhf and armel...
Which one do I download for my pi?? Whats the difference...
Whats the difference in prebuilt pi2 image and the armel or armhf...

If I download the 1.1.0 armhf or armel.. do I install it using dd and it would work??

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3 Responses

Just download kali 2 to your pi, it will get updated frequently and bugs will reduce over time.

2.0 is fairly secure right now. I haven't come across any dramas with it yet..

just do it. its fine. to start with it wasn't up to scratch. I performed an upgrade, update and its all in working order. should be good..

but go with your instinct... cheers

Just try it out for yourself, don't worry, you won't harm your pi. You need to experiment on your own instead of coming to null byte and asking questions all willy nilly. It gets rather annoying and it makes you look like someone that can't do research ot try things out on your own.

(I mean no disrespect to you, but you need to start being more independent instead of dependent on the NullByters.)

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