Forum Thread: Pixie Dust Attack/Exploit (WPS Enabled Routers)

Pixie Dust Attack/Exploit (WPS Enabled Routers)

has anyone heard of this pixie dust attack ?? how to do this attack ? it seems their is no tool available for this yet. it would be nice if someone work on this and make a tool of it and release it publicly... (According to Author , a lot of routers are affected) ...

(See link for more details)

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Soooo ??? No Progress in 6 Month... ? that's odd..

It most likely will not be public released unless you can modify the 3 lines of code to add it to reaver. We have tried for months to get it added to reaver thru support tickets.

For those still interested, modified version of reaver here

Worked on my router (good thing i can disable wps)

Happy testing guys ;)

Thanks REDPANDA I'll fork that right now. :-)

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