Forum Thread: Please Don't Plagiarize

This community is the most clean and accurate hacking community out there, but recent problems with plagiarism has come to my attention. this is really sad to see, and I don't want it to continue. If you have a good source, please cite your source instead of claiming it's yours. It's not.

How It Affects the Community

Plagiarism can make the Null Byte community seem undignified. Less people will start to believe our words, and that can lead to be a huge problem.

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If no one can trust the creators, the community falls, and Null Byte will become a messed up forum.

How It Affects You

When you take credit for someone else's work, you not only steal, you actually learn less. If you are aspiring to be a hacker, you don't learn from copying someone else's words. You become guilty of crime well in the boundaries of illegal. This can get you into serious trouble, especially if the original work was copyrighted.

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How We Think of You

If at some point someone finds you out, you are dead meat. Everyone will think of you as a bad person, but will also think you're stupid for having to take credit for someone else's work. It's a major lose-lose. If you want to share something, you can still share it, but do it the way ghost__ did it. He didn't copy-paste the whole article, but rather gave a short opinion and a link. That way, we can all easily see what is yours, and what isn't.

Before I Let You Go... need to understand that plagiarism is most definitely NOT tolerated anywhere, and especially here. Do NOT take claim for something that is not yours, but rather cite your sources. It's easy, and it's a much better deal than getting banned or worse--arrested. If I ever come across to you as argumentative in comments on plagiarized posts, just note that these things do/will inflame me. I hope we do not see any more of this theft.

C|H of C3

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I agree with your post; but perhaps you could phrase things a little less aggressively. Otherwise, great work.


Yes, I could have, but I was really pissed off at the time.



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