Forum Thread: plz help to Remote Access or Vpn from Outside of Uni

hi i need to change my home pc to my university network ip .

i cant acces to some websites from home and i cant go to uni these days. but those sites will find out my ip is not from university.

university doesnt let us use vpn (most of them dont know what it is)
i know i can change my ip to university network ip but i dont know how?
is there any one who can help me?

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in your university, students dont know what vpn is ?

Okay. So you need access, to a website that is only available from within the university intranet? You could always host a small server like a Raspberry Pi in your dorm room or a friends, and then set up a VPN service on it, I think you can use a program like openvpn. You would then configure your computer to use that VPN, making the website available. An easier option than a vpn would be to use a web proxy like glype. Which I believe only requires a javascript & html, so you could use a web server program like apache or nginx.

if u dont know plz dont say that i want to open a port of an specific ip from university to use it at home but i dont know how. i'm searching but i didnt find it yet. so if u know just answer this

and by the way students know what vpn is, but teachers dont let us to use it

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