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Hi all, i have a question regarding the port forward. i have try many ways, doing research, ask my friend to fix this problem. My ways are:-

1) adding new port and local address to the port forwarding in my router setting
2) enable dmz network
3) make my ip static by setting in the Linux ipv4 setting ,
4) using wicd to static my ip
4) try to listen to the port

after, doing all of this, i try to check if my port is open in the ,, but all of it say that my port is close, i try to port forward port 80 and 4444. can somebody get me an idea? thanks a lot !

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I really do have the same problem and it took me one month and still not finding the solution!

same problem except sometimes it works and sometimes it dooes not.altho i have looked at a familiar problem and they said to reboot the router

What kind of router are you using? This depends on the router type and firmware

i'm using Huddle XS with version , hardware version is R06 and 4g api version is 1.2

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