Forum Thread: Port Is Closed

EDIT: I finally fixed it. I installed port listener and listened on 4444 an it finally worked!!! Also sorry for spamming posts recently then finding the fix soon after :/ wish you could delete your forums

So I've set 4444 to be open on my router and set tcp/udp and the ip is correct. I've made an exception in windows firewall for both inbound and outbound, tcp and udp yet when I do an nmap scan it doesn't show anything about 4444. If I turn my firewall off nmap says it's closed. I have port 21 and 80 working fine so I don't understand the problem.

Also, I have another problem. I checked my routers IP through my defualt gateway and my IP and my phones IP (Only checked these devices) are the same. It's just been really confusing since I got my new internet. Also is there a way to turn off IPv6 and will it affect anything?

I've just had a cluster fuck of problems. Also this port thing isn't a new problem, I had this with my old router. So any help would be much apreciated.

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