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i cant figure it out

can someone please tell me how to fill up these fields

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What exactly do you need to port forward, is it for a home server, for a game server, webpage? This is necessary so you can determine what protocol to use. Also you will need to know what ports you want to open. To know what port you need to use, will be determined by the services you are running.

Basically you will need to specify outside IP which is your WAN, coming into your port forward IP, which would be your LAN IP. Also use the same port number for both WAN and LAN, unless you know the port is different then you would use multiple ports.

i dont know what to put in wan host ip range
should i google my ip and put it

Yes put your IP in there that you get from a whatsmyip search. Also try without it, you may not need to, the important thing is the ports and the LAN IP.

I noticed the WAN connection drop box has internet VDSL, what other options does it have there?

internet adsl
voice fxs vdsl
tr069 vdsl
voice fxs adsl
tr069 adsl

I am assuming you have ADSL, so make sure internet ADSL is selected.

To find out your LAN computers IP simply press the windows key on your keyboard, then enter cmd in the search box and press enter. once the command prompt terminal opens up, enter ipconfig, press enter, look for the IPv4 address, should be close to the top, the way you will know if that is your connection is you will see the subnet mask and default gateway numbers in the same section.

thanks for your effort it still does not work maybe i should enable something else to

I configure it out.

Also I suggest you learn how to use the command prompt. It makes networking tasks a whole lot easier.

+1 for use of puns
keep it up and it'll look good on your rePort.

could you share your solution with me or at least give me an command to do this with
i have turned the firewall off i did everything the way it was supposed to and still no result


You'd be better off reading at least a bit about this subject. And, please, try to search about your problem before posting it. NullByte's servers don't have unlimited storage.

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