Forum Thread: Portforwarding Problems?!

yo people, I have some problems with my ports I have checked and and both they say my port 80 is closed and the funny things that they say all my ports are closed. it can't be so because if port 80 was closed I can't post this post LOL.

but my problem is how can I fix this because if it say all my ports are close, but the rent, then I need to know which is closed and which not :p

p.s. sorry for my bad english.

my port 80 is doing now good but all the others still blocked

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pps i already have contacted my isp and modem compeny they both say that its work fine just some port are close from my isp like port 53

but all the other are open :s

Same shit here tired everthing got my laptop on a static ip on wlan0 forwarded the port configured the ip tables and these websites still give me a negative answer starting to loose it here


Port 80 must be open for incoming connections from the internet to a server in tour LAN. You can connect to any port of any service ever if you are the client.

For more info you may want to have a look at these wikipedia pages: Computer, The Internet, NAT. Next time you call your ISP, ask them before random lols on Null Byte.

I already have called my isp they have sayd that all my ports are positieve. So my isp cant help me :(

I've just attempted a scan on my own network and it also returns the same result however, after using nmap on my external IP with port 80, it shows that it is open.

Nope just like i sai port 80 is open butt alll the other ports that i portforwarded not :(

ok leets see
1.You have a static IP
2.You have checked with your ISP
3.You are running Your O.S properlly without any VM

4.You have configured your IP tables | echo '1' > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ipforward and lastly

this command

iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -j ACCEPT

change eth0 to whatever network you are using you can find out that by going ifconfig in your terminal .... good luck tell me whats up after you try that

Simple question: What modem/firewall are you using?

Your gateway could mark unsolicited incoming requests as deny, however your outbound requests could be considered solicited and thus negotiating the handshake allow in/out bound port 80 communications.

I think it is fare to say you should provide more information to get adequate help!

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