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Hi, i am not sure about the ports Tor uses, but you could tunnel the connection to Tor through a normal VPN connection. You could set up a VPN server at home, connect to it and then go through Tor. What do you think?

There are couple flags in Vidalia that help circumventing the filters, but if your sysadmin blocked tor, they might find out someone is trying to circumvent the filter. Your best move would be what Bill said, set up a vpn or ssh at home and tunnel the connection from there. So there will be no trace of tor executables or traffic signatures on your school network

Thanks friends.. ill do as you'll say :D

In addition to these fine folks, I would also like to point out that tor is a very old, (but still functional) method of anonymity.

For a more reliable source of anonymity, try using a free proxy or for more encrypted privacy, a VPN (virtual private network). You should know that VPNs do cost money, but not very much!

Hope this helps you out.
-Cameron Glass

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