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Phoenix is right. Since wordlists never worked, try bruteforcing it.

can you give me the link,, how to do it

You could brute force it, might take forever

no other way?

I see this hashe comes from this old thread. If it comes from Facebook, mind you that their digest procedure may be different from standard, as they heavily rely on modified custom code, not off-the-shelf.

My best guess would be to investigate how their digest work (I doubt it's well-documented, but just in case fb wants to stunt their uberleet code, they might as well tell you how the digest is created).

What I wouldn't do is just running some blind brute force on it, you'll waste precious GPU cycles with a wrong algo.

When all fails, I suggest you try to rehack your victim, ehm, excuse me, run another security test on your compliant customer and choose a different method to grab his credentials.

there are some websites that can do this job,some take money

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