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Question 1

Is there a way that anyone opens my payload and I get a meterpreter session or a shell... a command or a bash script gets executed automatically on the victim...

Question 2

Can I do something like make a payload in bash and then custom code in bash which gets executed after the payload works its magic?? Or like a I have a bash ir sh script to which I inject payload as a new thread and the payload runs as well as the bash script??

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Sounds like the Social engineering toolkit on Kali might be a possible candidate for you to look into. Using your social engineering sensibilities if you can get your victim to execute your payload, bingo. There's no need for a custom script unless you prefer, it might work better. When you go through the process it will prompt you for the script.

Thats not what I asked... I asked like if someone opens my payload.. a script like persistance gets automatically executed..

Or like there is a persistance script and I inject payload as a new thread in the script only.. will it work??

hey thanks :)

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