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Can you write articles for nullbyte and post them on your own personal sight, ornate articles written from your own and format them for nullbyte? Will there be site plagiarism conflicts, even if they come from the same author?

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yes,I doubt if null byte support markdown.If so, writing is very easy

github support markdown, an easy writing way, google it

oh, I was close, you literally meant markdown then... I thought it was some translator's error.

Well, I learnt something new today. Cheers !

My wild guess would be a translation like:

yes,I think if null byte support markup (as markup language, html, bbcode etc..).If so, writing is very easy.

But I guess the point is if we're allowed to, not if we're able. In TOS I read rule n.1

No Republishing

You cannot republish content from your blog or website. You may rework it to be unique for the WonderHowTo community, but simply copy/pasting is strictly prohibited. This includes copying your YouTube video descriptions.

So I guess it's ok, unless you just make a copypasta, even if it's yours.

Also, you may have spelled 'personal sight' instead of 'personal site'. Not being a grammar nazi, it just gets another meaning with that word and you got me puzzled at first read.

In the gibberish of the T&C, some crossed eyed reading may answer your question if you can decode the shady legal gibberish about a service, your posts are ours and the we are not responsible because it's 'Beta' innuendo; the rest is a blur.

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