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hi i am currently at high school senior year i know the basics of python, c and c++ and I'm interested in following a career in cybersecurity i have already enrolled in and have kali sana in virtualbox and i have a lot of ebooks about security/hacking and programming what should i do next? Also i like artificial intelligence any chance i can do something with both AI and cybersecurity?

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First just decide which you want to do more,or better which you are better at,im myself a high school senior and i want to go with cybersecurity because its easier for me.

Not yet, and not in the next 10 years at least.

AI does use core principles of infosec, but they're mutually exclusive fields except for that (yet). Perhaps some day, technology will allow to integrate them, but till then, you have to make a choice.

As to first Q, try your hands on some certs.

-The Joker

Do you have some kind of goal? Know where you're going with this? Any specific area of security you're interested and leaning towards?


Welcome to Null Byte!

I do believe that you can do both AI and cybersecurity. For instance, new IDS and AV embody forms of AI and will likely continue along that path. We need security devices that are smart enough to identify malicious software without blocking innocuous software and connections. I think you are pursuing the cutting edge of cyber security. Go for it!


Totally agree. I have just finished my career on computer science (I took the computing path, which in my university is related to AI), and I'm working on security and risk IT (I mean I didn't study cybersecurity in my university but on my own around Internet). AI, Big Data and Cybersecurity are very interesting because they are the newest fields on computer science and of course they are correlated.

I give you examples: Splunk use Big Data techniques and Security techniques, Bit defender use Artificial Intelligence techniques and Security techniques.

We are assisting to the new era of computer science. Good luck!

AI and Cybersec do mix when writing some kind of adaptive rootkit, but I won't even pretend like that's easy to write.

Like The Joker said, try your hands at some language certs.

If I were you, I'd:

1) Get certified - get a couple of IT certs on your CV and get yourself working in an IT environment. Which certs is up to you. CompTIA A+ & Network+ might be a good start, but do you research and see what suits you.

2) Get experience - Reading up on Null Byte is great, but if you want to be in cyber security, you'll need the experience. Once you get a job in IT, show interest in network security. Try to get some exposure. Read things on places like null byte and try to apply them to your network to develop a thorough understanding of both theory and practical application.

3) Personally, I would explore the possibilities of bridging the worlds of Cyber Security and AI later on. This is not to say you should forget about it for now, but rather focus more on security. This is of course just my opinion, and it is neither the right or wrong choice.

Remember, above all else, do what interests you the most, and have fun!

Of course you can.Why don't you search for universities so you know for future.

ok thank you all for your answers

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