Forum Thread: Pretty Amusing Phishing Story

You know how college students are always in debt right? Well one decided that they wanted to get through college with free tuition.

This person (not naming gender or any other identifiers) looked up the basics of phishing and managed to send fake emails to fellow students, telling them to pay their fees and such.

Out of the 100 or so who received the email, about 40 did. What a brilliant plan so far, right? Getting a good education, getting a lot of money, what could possibly go wrong?

The funds were being transferred from the students accounts to the fund (or so I read). That has to be the worst idea ever...

"Oh look, all these students are sending money to this one person, how peculiar!"

You can guess where they are now. xD

(totally ignore the watermark on the cover image)

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3 Responses

It's always funny to hear these stories. Thanks for sharing!

dude i got everything up for a phising attack, just like in your story.

But I just dont know what the background story for my "attack" should be. It would be pretty damn stupid just to tell here check this out. Anyone who have an cool idea?

sorry for bad english


Nullbyte does not condone helping create illegal attacks like what you are planning. Unless you are phishing to test a company's security, it should not be discussed here.

Hypothetical discussions are allowed, last I checked.

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