Forum Thread: Preventing Certificate Error When Using MITM

Hi All,

I have looked for the answer to this and im not sure if i'm completely missing it so if anyone can point me in the right direction brill, Certs have never been a strong point of mine! :S

I am currently testing out DNS forwarding on my home network. I have one Kali machine using DNSCHEF to act as a DNS server. It then forwards the web traffic via WEBMITM to another kali machine which intercepts the traffic via BURP.

However and i'm sure this is a newbie question...

On the 'victim' machine as soon as a HTTPS website is accessed chrome complains about a certificate error. From what i can see BURP provides its own cert which should avoid this happening? (i might be wrong)

Two questions... 1) is it possible to overcome the cert error issue? or 2) is it possible to not intercept HTTPS traffic as to not make the 'victim' machine aware anything is happening?

Any information would be great,


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