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Hi everyone.

So, I'm planning on starting my white-hat hacking activities, but I have a few questions that I hope that the most experienced hackers around here are able to answer.

I know that using services like facebook, youtube, etc, aren't a plus if you want to keep anonymous around the web. The problem is that I can't really delete all of these services since some of them are work related.

To avoid this, I have a computer (an old one that I don't really use but it's still good enough) that I will be using just for my activities. However, I'm still using the same internet service - is that a liability? Or is having these kind of social services a liability either way? What about sharing my VPN service between my two computers? Is that also a liability? And, finally, my VPN service (IPVanish) is US-based. I guess that this is fine if I want to use torrents, but what if we are talking about more dubious activities? Should I try to get another VPN? And what do you suggest?

Thank you!

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Well I don't know if your 'white-hat' activities will be 'illegal' (ooh the paradox). But unless you're actually afraid that facebook will report you to the police (pedophile, bomb threats, etc), I wouldn't be too worried about all this. Just get a VPN and you're good to go. If you're gonna go grey-hat or black-hat now that's a different story.

Well, let's say, hypothetically, that when I'm saying white-hat also includes some form of activism (which, unfortunately, for certain political parties can be considered illegal). What kind of precautions should I have?

There are a lot of articles on nullbyte about staying anonymous, did you read those?

I read one and the author said that I should avoid using facebook, twitter, etc. This is impossible for me, so it isn't an option. And they also said that I should use my home network, at least most of the times. The problem for me is that both computers will be sharing the same network and VPN. Therefore, if someone was having a look at my network they would easily identify me, right?

That's why I'm considering using another network (maybe mobile?) and another VPN service to avoid any interaction between the two computers. This, although inconvenient, is not impossible for me. That's why I want to know if this would be necessary or not.

If you want to be anonymous, you probably shouldn't do illegal activities through a US-based VPN and then right after, log into facebook through the same VPN and like a kitty photo. When the author states you should avoid it, it's probably because most people lack the knowledge to successfully separate the two lives. Because that's really what you're committing to if you go to the dark side.

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