Forum Thread: Privilege Escalation on Android

I was able to put a payload on a person's cell phone but I can not do anything because I could not do privilege escalation

I already tried everything getprivs, getsystem and nothing works

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I'm not sure about this, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

Android is based on a Linux system. As you probably already know, root in Linux systems is called 'Root'. However, Android does not give root to users. It does this to prevent people from modifying the deeply underlying Linux system. This is also the reason why apps can be installed without the password for the Linux system. The user box is like a floating hot air balloon above sea, the Linux kernel. Now if you want to gain root privileges for an Android device, you will need to, here it comes, root it. This may be the reason why privilege escalation does not work, as the payload may probably be installed inside the hot air balloon, and not in the sea. So you'll probably have to root the device first, before you get access to the kernel. However, you may already have access to all the user stuff. Just not things like the bootloader and such.

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