Forum Thread: Problem with Download Command in Meterpreter Kali Linux?

hey guys. i worked on a project in meterpreter or msfconsole in kali linux.
i have a payload to connect a victim android phone.
when I connect , i want to download a specific file. like "*.jpg." but it is not recognized by command .
my command is :
download /sdcard/dcim/camera/*.jpg
it is not worked.
but this works and downloads everything :
download /sdcard/dcim/camera/

I Don't want to use "download -r" although "*.jpg" is worked in this command but i can not set specific destination for downloads. it uses the source path for destination path.

i want to download a JPG file with custom destination path.


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is not anybody there ? :(

wildcards don't work, to my knowledge. you have to specify the full name of your file

as you said , so it's too hard to download all specific format and it does not make sense.

Hi Guys, i am able to download one by one picture and i am not able to download folder by folder pls guide me.

Hello..unable to download one by one picture. pls help.

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