Forum Thread: Problem with Facebook Hacking

hi guys
i am trying to hack Facebook account by harvesting attack.

firstly i created a fake Facebook account on my private router IP address ( . after that i opened my fake Facebook website with other device ,which is connected to my router , the website is working great . then i try to open this Facebook page to another public IP address ,it say "the webpage is not available"

i also tried to foreword my port of my private IP address ( of the router . but again when i try to open my fake Facebook website , it say "website not available".

please help me .........

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First: I'm a newbie too, so i'm sure someone can clarify it better than me.
You need external access to your router if i'm understanding your issue correctly?
You need to make sure your ports are open for external access. It's usually port 80.
Depending on the system you are using, there are diffenrent ways to go around it.

First of all, you have to make sure your php file (i'm only assuming you're going around this with XAMPP or WAMP), and change the #Order, allow (You can find the specific thing you need to change by seaching Google) - if it didn't automaticly change it when you pressed "put online." remember to restart Apache and Mysql.

I'm sure Kali has an easy way to open ports. However, at the time i was using Windows and XAMP (I prefer XAMPP over WAMP). - If you are using Linux -

I went on to my router as admin, via webbased access, IP, and enter the credentials (Prob. username: admin password: password or blank) and changed my settings to allow external access, and set a DNS access point.

And i went and disabled my firewall, and in Network settings also changed my settings to allow external access, using the IP from the server where i had my DNS on the IPV4.

  • There are so many tutorials about getting external access. If you put it online from your computer to the router, the computer has to be turned on for external access.

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