Forum Thread: Problem with Kali Full Installation onto USB

I made a full Kali install onto an USB. I chose full disk encryption from the installation process.

The installer created two partition. One is around 200 MB and ext2. It is needed for boot and encryption process as far as I know. The other one is ~15 GB (16 GB flash drive) and encrypted with LVM/LUKS. Kali was installed onto that partition. The installation ended successfully. However, I wasn't able to boot from it. It showed a blank screen.

What could be the problem?
Would it be better with fat32 first partition?
Would it be better to set up partitions manually?

Would it be better to install kali onto unencrypted partition (full install NOT Live) and create a /home enc. partition?

Also, I've read an article about that fully encrypted disks are vulnerable, because programs on the necessary unencrypted partition are vulnerable and an attacker can get the key.

Is it true or is it corrected?

Thanks for your help and answers

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If you successfully made your USB bootable then you should try changing the priority booting of your computer to USB first.

I did that. Grub was installed onto the USB. But when I choose to boot from USB I get a blank screen,nothing more. Also, I checked the partitions in a partition manager and I set active the first partition but nothing.

Try to do a non-encrypted install first and check if it works. Perhaps it's a partition error or something.


I tried to do a non-enc instal. The problem was the same. So I wanted to boot from the Live USB. When a chose "Live" from the menu after some loading it failed to boot. It said "A problem occured..." or something like thas. After that I think I give up on fully installed Kali 2.0. Perhaps there are compatibility problems with my comp. I'd like to go after some other pentest distros, like ParrotSec or Kali 1.1.

Could you recommend me any other pentest distros?


I recommend Kali 1.1 for live installations. Kali 2.0 has a lot of known and unknown bugs in it, don't use it.


OK. I'll test it. Do you have any experience with ParrotSec?

I have good experiences with ParrotSec so far. The reason I preffer using Kali 1.1 for Live USB installations is because to me, it seems more suited for that. ParrotSec is the kind of distro you install on your hard drive permanently.


Thank you for your answers. I'll test both of them.
I just read that BlackArch is also a good distro. Any experience?

BlackArch is based on Arch Linux. Arch Linux is a very advanced distro, and thus BlackArch is only recommended if you have experience with Linux. Not judging or something, just warning you.


Aham. Good to know. Thanks.

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