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What are the different between programming and scripting language, i searched in Google but i didn't find a real answer.

What do you think about that?

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One of the most main differences between the both are...

Scripting languages are OFTEN interpreted meaning the code isn't directly turned into binaries and most scripting languages tend to be a abstract of a higher level

While a programming language often uses a compiler a compiler compiles the code directly to binaries which makes it faster.

Also scripting languages are often used for smaller tasks that can be written faster then writing it in a programming language which will waste more time and that's a major disadvantage to companies who want to job done as early as possible

that's why ALOT of games use C++ along with LUA

Ok Thank you

:D and forgot to mention the syntax of scripting languages are much easier to comprehend then a programming language.

Also Python can be used as a Programming and Scripting Language(Shows how powerful Python is yet so simple and easy to learn)

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