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Can anyone provide me with references/advice on programming USB's. USB have a micro controller. I want to use C to program it. I am no touching it if any assembly is required. My end goal is to code my own bad usb

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Some clever person has already posted a how-to on here about what you are trying to do.


Phoenix 750 that's targetting one specific controller pision 2307, those chips arent even sold in my country anymore.

Then I doubt you will even be able to re-program your chip. Most of these chips are programmed before they are soldered to the PCB in the factory, so to re-program them you would need to:

1.) Learn assembly and/or C.

2.) Know how the manufacturer of your USB programs their microcontrollers. This could possibly be classified information, so you might need an insider.

3.) get the equipment the company uses to program their microcontrollers. This is often very expensive equipment and can range somewhere between the 4000$.

4.) learn the inner workings of the microcontroller.
5.) etc...

I'm not trying to discourage you, I'm just stating some of the challenges that you will probably need to overcome. It isn't impossible (nothing is), but it certainly isn't as easy as reprogramming the Pision 2303. Maybe it's just better to just buy a badUSB? They're pretty cheap where I live (only about 20 euros per piece).

If you're still wiling to take the challenge: I suggest you should first look up the microcontroller of your USB drive, and then search how that microcontroller works, how it is programmed, etc. Even here, reconnaissance is key!

Good luck.


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