Forum Thread: Promiscious Mode on Wireless

Hello guys, I have a problem, i'm trying to sniff my wireless network with the promiscious mod, but i can only see packets that comes and goes of my computer, i can't see packets of other devices, but with monitor mod i can see everything but encrypted.

i tried wifisky 6000mw 18dpi model : usb-6000mw that have chepset RLT 8187L
and gap link model IDU 2850UG. with kali linux1 && 2 and ubuntu 15
software : wireshark and tcpdump
ps: if i spoof a device, i can see his packets.

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First, you need to put your wireless card in monitor mode with airmon-ng. That will give you access to all the packets traversing the air. These packets will all be encrypted using the PSK, salted with the SSID. You can then decrypt these packets with airdecap-ng, part of the aircrack-ng suite.

Thank you, I did this and it worked,
But how can I sniff with the promiscious mode, which means sniffing while i'm connected to a wireless network.

second, do you have an idea how to detect a sniffer on monitor mod, i can't find how to, i just know that if someone is on promiscious, i can just check if his NIC is in this mod

There are a number of tools on the market like promqry.

I want ideas to develop and create a small program to detect sniffers any help would be really great.

The reason you can't see all packets is because you are on a switched network, which means packets only go to their destination host.

Thank you for your answer, i'm on a wireless network not on a switched network

Home routers usually also act as switches.

that'ss whyyyyyy if i spoof i can see the packets !!!!!

any idea how to bypass this ?

I think I just told you above.

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