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i made a file which auto copy itself to any USB automatically when plugged in to computer and when anybody try to open the file ,it automatically save itself to start up folder and after particular time it open a website which i want to promote.

i tested my program its working perfect . actually right now i am not released/spread the file.
so my question is ... this is legal ? ...its a crime ?.... what happened if i release the program ..?... should i do?

even as we know many big companies are doing same thing in order to promote their product /website.

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You shouldn't release it. It's unethical, not to mention illegal.


Actually what I believe "do it today it could be illegal tomorrow "

Congrats! All hackers respect innovations. It's great you could develop such a program. But, won't it be harmful if you shared this program before it's patch is ready?

I suggest, create a fix for the program(worm), and share both of their source codes on exploit-db or some exploit-patch-sharing database, for spreading awareness, which I think is the best option.

Also, if you think it's FUD, you can sell the program to an anti-virus company, they'll create the patch themselves. This might not harm the society atleast. And would still be quite beneficial for you too. :)

No this program is not going to harm the pc . And when I scanned the program with antivirus .it said " this file is clean" because actually most of the adwares are legal

Okay that's great! But, isn't a program considered malicious if it performs unwanted actions without the permission of the user?

And about the replication of the program, it would be considered as a worm as it is copying itself to various places like, the USB or the startup folder.

And as you scanned the program through the anti-virus and the results were clean, it depends on what anti-virus you scanned through and it's version. Also, if you have tried through many different anti-virus softwares, and still the results are clean. Congrats! You have done a brilliant job! You created a FUD worm! Don't think creating a virus is a bad. But, it's still up to you what you do with it. The better options are always available.

P.S: I am very curious how you could escalate to administrative privileges and copy it to the start-up folder. Please share if you like! :)

make some money, explain what it can do, without how it does, see who is the highest bidder, either that, or share it with the hacker community instead, your choice, your path

for i = 'A'; i != 'Z' + 1; i++
> char buf[DRIVE_SIZE];
> sprintf(buf, "%c:\\", i);
> infect(buf); // copy self into drive indicated by buf
and repeat.


you forgot to import 0day

Right. That makes it much simpler!

from h4x import 0day

for each MALWARE in USB printf topkek zozzel

It's adware and it's very annoying.


Agreed but mine open twice in an hour

It's still very intrusive to have adware at all.

I don't know about other people, but if I ever see adware promoting a site, I stay the hell away from said site.


Me too and because of this My program open a website which first see ur cookies and then decide which type of ad has to be display .

Okay, let me put this simply.

Doing this will give you the exact opposite result that you want; people do not want advertising shoved in their face at all, ever.


And for the record, going back on what you said in your original post about large companies doing this.

No. They do not this. At all.


Try again. You clearly don't understand the point ghost is making.

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