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Okay, so I've tried out BlackArch, and have come to a conclusion with it. (on the look, feel, and comprehensiveness of it)



1.) A great amount of tools come out of box

2.) BlackArch is designed for the pros in mind

3.) Menus are accessed by right clicking, and the menu system is called fluxbox

4.) Nice, red theme

5.) Theme can be changed with ease

6.) Doesn't need a GPU to run but requires one for it's GPU attacks (I can easily put this on my Dell Inspiron 600m)

7.) Very very minimalistic

8.) Menus are easy to understand and organized very well


1.) Not recommended for the NewB

2.) Kind of difficult to get used to if you're used to other distros

3.) Takes time to configure the various settings such as networking, users and such.

4.) Extensive knowledge of linux is preferred

All in all, if you are not a Linux pro, don't go to BlackArch. But if you like minimalism and you are a Linux pro, definitely go with BlackArch.

Next up: Tails
Later: C.I.A Kali
After: You decide! (suggestions please :D )

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3 and 4 cons are basically the essence of Arch

By the way, everybody that didn't know, Tails is an OS for anonymization.

How hard is it to configure networking, users and such?

I'd like to try this distro in the near future.

Hard enough that I had to look up a youtube video just to figure out how to open up the menus (you right click on the desktop btw). lol. I couldn't find anything related to "users" unless it was a youtube video on how to configure them. Essentially, you just do it via terminal form what I understand. (idk how to do that just yet). Also, to configure networking, you have to right click, mouse over "BlackArch", then mouse over "networks" or "networking" and select one of the two options there. (I think it was the top one)

My advice, familiarize yourself with administrating a linux distro (like debian) that has only a command line interface, and no GUI whatsoever. Then you'll get the concept of BlackArch lol. (I, myself, don't really like BlackArch at all, but I do encourage you and everyone els to at least give it a try) :D

I know the command line, but Arch has some different commands than Debian, such as the pacman!

I think the commands to add users are:
useradd <username>
passwd <username>

Oh dear. I can't use this OS lol.

Excuse me i ask this here but why Ubuntu and Debian won't allow users to get the root access i know about Ubuntu by adding sudo in the first of the line you'll get that root.

same for debian. also, for most debian distros, you'll need to log out on your current user, then click the button that says "other". For the username put root and for the password put toor. I hope that this helped you.

man that's really work i used to use Debian also i like it more than Ubuntu i should migrate to Debian

After all of this, what are you using primarily???


Another Con is that it doesnt install tools without A. Claiming some a tool should not be installed as root and if you install as normal then B. you don't have the permissions to install the tools. This is is the reason I'll stick with Kali.

Kali, Like it's base system is tailored to the "New User" While Blackarch, Also like it's base, tailored to the "Power User"

Since the first time that i started using linux, i liked it and my mind said "This is what you've been looking for." Well i started out with Kali Linux with my curiosity to learn hacking, following all these good tutorials on null-byte. You guys are so great.

Then i decide to try out new distros and on my way i met ParrotSec, Black Ubuntu and other non-pentesting distros such as Opensuses, Fedora, Linux Mint and arch but I was never satisfied until when i met BlackArch linux.

at first, unlike many people i did not like the red theme in blackarch linux until when i made my own customization and it feels like the best distro ever.

I am using openbox window manager as my default desktop environment, lxpanel as my default panel (after trying a couple of panels that i did not like) KDEplasma's Konsole terminal, obmenu-generator to generate my menu, conky and htop for my system monitor, among others. slow by slow i have made a nice desktop environment that i like and all the blackarch tools, that makes me believe that blackarch is the best distro

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