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Question 1
This method was posted 3 years ago... does it still work??

Question 2

In the tutorial.. you can bind the proxy chain to a program like firefox... how do I bind it to everything?? Like whatever I do it uses the chain... so I can do anything anonymous...

Question 3
Proxies affect speed right?? So how many proxies should I use in a chain?? My dl speed is around 60kbps...

Question 4
Where can I find fast and norecord keeping proxies??

(I'd prefer free solutions to my questions... I mean not the paid vpn or something)

Thank you guyz!! Love u all...
(No im not gay..=.=)

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1 Still works
2 I believe you have to write separate scripts for each browser correct me if I'm wrong
3 10-15
4 Look for lists on the dark web or the normal web

2.1 what if I want to bind it to my terminal or metasploit
2.2 what if I want to bind it to my dynamic dns
2.3 can I not bind my wireless adapter??
2.4 is there another thing to bind everything to the proxy chain... I mean easiee that binds everything??

Sounds like maybe you're looking for something like Whonix or Tails. Those are both OS's that force all connections through Tor.

I want to use my kali...

Try this

Do a lot of reading about this if you really want to be anonymous online.

Thats great..
But I didnt understand how to configure tor with proxychains...

same here ACE still trying to figure out a way to proxychain every app i run on kali

Ok.. question 1

When I create and run a proxy chain... and go to wbatismyip.. the ip there will be the ip that is the last one right?? I mean the one farthest from the pc...

Question 2

Like I have a chain of proxy 1 2 3 4 and 5... if something is redirected to the 3rd ip.. will I still be able to access it??

Question 3

If I use a proxy chain then what would I set as lhost in metasploit?? Would I have to set lhost as the ip I get on

Q1. Would be the last one set up in proxychains. Test it out to know for sure.

Q2. I believe so. I don't see why it wouldn't be sent back to you through the other 2 proxies.

Q3. I don't think proxy servers allow this. Your best of hacking a server or buying a VPS with btc and having the lhost be the server or VPS.

okay so when hacking over wan and you are masking ip using tor do i need to use my tor given ip as LHOST or use my local ipv4 ip

When making payload.. or after making payload??

Ok so if I use a dynamic dns and set my dynamic dns ip to the last proxy.. will metasploit work then??

It doesn't really matter how many proxies you have in a chain, if you have done something which warrants people to investigate, they will trace your connection through logs. The most effective way is to have a few proxies in the chain which are located in countries not obligated to hand over logs to other countries, Sweden amongst others are very good at this.

"no-record" should not be in the same sentence as free proxy, your best option is to purchase a VPN with btc which has no relation to yourself. No free proxy should be considered (fully) trustworthy, so the above statement about choosing countries with decent privacy laws remains.

The IP will be the final address which was used to create the connection with the whatismyip site. If you're using random chains then refreshing the page several times should clarify this.

For metasploit you will need to use the ISP IP of a node you control and have a listener set up on.

Didnt get the last line.. do I use my original ip as lhost or the last proxy??

When he says "node you control" his referring to a system (Hacked server for example). When he says "ISP IP" his referring to the public ip address of that system. So set lhost to either your public ip address if it is legal and you won't get in trouble because you will easily be caught or set lhost to the public ip of a system you control and set up a listener on that system so you receive a shell..

what if im on tor? do i use tor public ip because tor ip is dynamic or do i use a ddns client and use the ip of the ddns used

Let me try explain it this way.

If you set up the lhost to call your public ip you would have to setup port forwarding in order for your computer to listen for the "call home". Because you can't do this without hacking the proxy server you would have to use something else you have control of.

Ok lastly... if I use a chain of proxies... and set lhost as the last proxy ip... it wont work right??

And doesnt port 80 is open?? We cant use that port??

I said that isnt port 80 or was it 8080... isnt it open everywhere?? So we cant use lport as 80 or 8080 and then lhost as the proxy??

And also... u want to say that we cant use a chain of proxies and set lhost as the last proxy.. it wont work??

No... The proxy won't know how to get the traffic to you and will just drop it. The only way is to set LHOST to a server you control.

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