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Hi guys,i have a weird question but i really want to make sure it made me paranoid.I want to ask you what happens if i have my laptop on guest public network and not on private.i have wpa2 secured wifi hard pass in my home.when it was on public the wifi was disconnecting many times.After i set it to private everything became better and no more connection i want to ask you was it because it was connected as a guest network or its just a normal coincidence.and is it possible that someone idk connected or hacked my laptop or my network lets say just because my laptop had public network?pls answer as soon as possible.

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Btw when i say public or private i mean the network on my laptop not piblic wifi or private..just to make it clear

only difference between public and private network would be the rights to share your files within your network if your on a public network it will not let other people see what your shared folders are because it is unsafe to do so....but you can also change these options within your settings on your laptop or pc

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