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Hi all!

If anyone remembers how back in season 1 of Mr. Robot, somebody put malware on a CD or DVD and it automatically executed when it was put in a computer, I was wondering how to do that. Kinda like a USB Rubber Ducky, but with a DVD...


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Hello and welcome to Null-Byte.

I do know that I had seen that hack before but I think with a little bit of Research you might know how to make one, For this purpose you need to study metasploit and MSFvenom, By doing so you'll know how to make payloads (which might be autoplayable maybe) and burn it on a disk, Then you are allowed to say let's roll xD Ikr.

Hope it helps and happy huntin!

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Hey Xero,
Thanks for the help. I'll look into that.

But with this site, it seems like all the people who used to be here, like OTW, have left, and you and I have been the only ones consistently replying to forum posts. I don't know, just kinda cool.

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