Forum Thread: Python 2 or 3 for Hacking?

So I've been looking @The Defalts python tutorial and it was all going so well until lesson 4: Basic user Input. I figured I must be doing something wrong and then I realised Defalt was using 2.7 and I'm on 3.5. so the print functions have changed. I'm confused on if 2 or 3 is more useful in the context of hacking. I'm new to programming (I wanted to learn programming before pentesting so I'm not a Skid)

But if 3 is being developed in the future and majour 2 developments are no longer on the horizon (according to the wiki) then won't it be better to learn 3

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To be honest, they are both very similar. If you learn python 2, or 3, you will generally be sufficiently confident in the other(or at least that was the case for me). As for which is more useful, they are both as useful as each other for developing exploits. Personally, for exploits i would recommend ruby because you can make metasploit modules with it.

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