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In OTW's post on How to Find the Exact Location of Any IP Address he asked if someone could write an interactive script for this, so, here is it...

The script can be found here

Let me know what you think! Also, would you like to see a version with a functional GUI, if so, let me know and I'll get right on it!

Note: Wow, linking to PasteBin was a LOT easier, thanks Cracker | Hacker!

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Thanks. Next time, can you link it to PasteBin? The formatting gets quite odd here.

Nah, there's no need for a GUI. It's too simple of a script. But, if you want to experiment just for fun or to learn, I won't stop you. :)

Aww, I never saw that request. I would have been right on it!

Good job, keep on going! :)

Sorry about that, new to posting here.

No harm. It's just easier to copy & paste and the characters used here are incompatible.

You're welcome. It's what PasteBin was built to do. ;)

Kul ....

Sorry, this might sound like a newbie question:
What does "import pygeoip" do? Is there more to the script?
Anyways, great post!

From OTW,

MaxMind also gives away a free developers version of this database without any software or tools to read it. Although slightly less accurate than the commercial version, the price is certainly right. All we need to find the location of the IP is a program to read this data.

Two programmers, Jennifer Ennis and T. Williams, have developed a small Python script called pygeoip and released it under the GPL license that enables us to input an IP address and output this critical information.

PygeoIP was a setup , module, or a python program which reads the information for us in a simple state.

pygeoip - Is the python module for querying the database. So it needs to be imported.

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