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Guys I am freaking out here. I want to make a Metasploit payload in python and read an article the other day about it. But cant find the article again. I was going to do it use msfvenom for it. But cant figure it out. If anyone has advice or knows what article I am speaking about, please help. Thank you.

EDIT This issue has been resolved

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msfvenom -p (payload) LPORT=xxxx -a (architecture) --platform (platform) -f (python, c , other) -o /root/Desktop/ (.c, .exe or other)

Thats good but, i want to know exactly for python. Like PyTerpreter or whatever.

Hi August,

I know I'm a bit late to respond but consider downloading veil-evasion. It automates the process of making encoded payloads and there are several python options to select from. You then have the option to compile to .exe or leave as .py

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