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Greetings, I have started learning Python for a lil bit of time now . As of now i do know how to read progams :) But i cant write them myself. ( might be becausei dont have much expierence ) But my question is, how do people actually come up with a progam like " SSH Bruteforce, Server /client attacks, password crackers, trojans,virusses." etc. I do know how to find tutorials but that feels more like just copying ther code and knowing how to read it. But i couldnt write the same code when i close the tutorial and do it on my own.

Do you guys have any links or tips on how to make ur own hacking tools. I am a beginner / intermediate.

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Knowing the code is only half the equation. You have to know about the technology that you're manipulating. The code is simply a way to manipulate other technologies.


You make a socket and send data to it, this is what python can give you. Now what that data is? And what timing you have?

That's all on you...

have you tried googling 'how to write exploits'. Also occupy the web has some tutorials on how to write exploits ect.

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