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I am a regular user here and have been following many articles. I just want to understand, what if an attacker gets access to my router, what possible attacks can be carried out. One I can think of is MITM by diverting traffic... What others options work? Can internal networks be scanned using nmap? or can attacker join the network?

I am really after scenarios here, logical ways to proceed with attacks.

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here in my country, am basically untraceable because my isp is fucked up, and when i try to scan a pc on the network it doesnt scan because all internal ip's lead to the router gateway so you cant do shit with the internal ip's also you cant do shit with external ip's so basically you cant do shit remotely, but in other countries, i think you can do an mitm attack and you can capture all the data, thats all i can think about x)

if you hack the router remotely, you can change the dns settings and point them to YOUR IP after you set it up with, let's say, metasploit's browser autopwn2 or a beef hook or whatever attacks you can think of. so when the victim browses to a website, he'll be taken to your ip address and his browser gets hooked or even he downloads your payload and you get a meterpreter on his machine.

you can also open the DMZ zone to the victim's internal IPs so that you expose his machines directly to the internet and scan them for vulnerabilities using nmap or whatsoever...

They gain access to every device connected to the router.


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