Forum Thread: Q. I Want to Hack My Isp Database and Get Myself Some Faster Internet So Is There Anyway to Get the Isp Database Ip

My isp is pretty old and i dont think it got it's database secured and honestly i dont think they care, so i need someone to help me in the process

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Alright, i did a traceroute to and tried checking each ip one by one, i did a geolocate to know which one is the lasp ip in my country and then i removed the google ip's now i dont really know what i need to do

Maybe you need to do recon.. check it out in the recon section..

And im pretty sire what you wanna dobis illegal

It is, but who cares? and i dont know what kind of recon i should do, i mean this is an isp database, not a regular website or anything

We are NOT malicious on these forums. Ditch.

what seems you wanna do is something order for you to run you need to walk first and in order to walk you need to crawl first and thats the only way to discover a great world of how to do things.

then teach me how to crawl .. please i wanna bacome the best hacker in the world.

If you want to learn hacking, start with my article "How to Use Null Byte to Study to Become a professional Hacker".

A doubt came to me with this question. If I find a security flaw in the physical center of my ISP in my town and report this failure it is possible I be rewarded for it? I'm asking why am pretty sure that it is possible physically invade the place to "improve" my bandwidth for example. I would have to provide documented evidence for them, right?

Usually if you report a security bug you are generally treated well. Maybe a free T-shirt or a bit of cash. I have never reported a security issue and been punished for it. All you have to do is explain the bug, give directions to replicate the bug, and give solutions to patch the bug.

White hat hackers do what we do to build better security, and by exposing these weaknesses we can open up minds to build better, faster, and stronger creations.

Yeah. The problem for me is give solutions. I have to learn a lot of stuff before to practice this kind of activity professionally.

Thank you Cameron. :)

Can anyone assist me.

Within our schools there is this software through which the teacher takes over our screen. I read a tutorial here about becoming administrator using cmd and magnifier and kali. I was wondering if there is a quicker way to minimize my chances of getting caught. Are there some particular hacking forums noob friendly i should check out.

-Any Assistance Appreciated

You should post on the forum, but i guess you will have to kill that software you teacher uses from your end

Try to visit Youtube, and it should redirect. Look at this. An IP adress should be on the site that you are redirected to. From home, hack your school computer, and use a privilege escalation exploit or script. Otherwise, just bring in USB with some software and plug it in. Theoreticly, after, you could install metasploit and hack from school by, instead of putting home IP at localhost, (Lhost) put school IP.

what goes around comes around

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