Forum Thread: A Question About Anonymity.


So, I met a security analyst, and we were talking about his hacks and anonymity. While we spoke, he talked about how to stay Anonymous on the internet, he had to leave though so we could not speak long enough for him to give me details on how to do it. So, he said:

"Using a VPN in 2015 is autistic. Use a seized TOR node and you'll be safe.", now while I don't use a VPN (I use a proxy), what does he mean by seized TOR node??? Does he mean I should hack the TOR network?

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People will do what people do and that is be offended at first and then just accept the fact they are being tracked. The first thing most will say is "Let them track me, I have nothing to hide."

So what segment of people wish to hide their activities? This is the target group for this bulk collection effort. Sure you have a segment that just are going by the foundations of which The US was built on. They wish to invoke their privacy rights. However in a digital world this can not be balanced anymore with the freedoms and liberties of it's people. Thus the mass collection and monitoring.

Did se grow faster than ourselves and ignorance of the future trapped US in the "web"?

Thank you guys! I really need to thank Phoenix for the I2P information !

Maybe he was being sarcastic, as in a node seized by the NSA is a bad idea lol

Irrespective of what logs a VPN provider claims not to keep you're still reliant on them not being turned over by the authorities. My best attempt at anonymity would involve buying a laptop and any other associated hardware (e.g. wifi antenna etc) for cash and then booting a live distro (encrypted if you're using persistence) from a micro SD card. Crack a nearby AP (there are innumerable tutorials on this site) and then use proxy-chains to further disguise your location. Even with these safeguards if you're up to any naughtiness I would work on the assumption that if you annoy the wrong type of people they will track you down. At this point feel free to swallow the micro SD card, just in case ;-)

Ok listen to me for a sec... cant we just go to a cafe.. use tor with their ip address... do what u wanna do hack or whatever... delete all cookies and everything... and come back home safe and secure??

And wait to get picked off by facial recognition ccd's at home 3 days later.

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