Forum Thread: Question About Hacking a Server.

Hello Null Byte! I do not know if I am creating my question in a good format, or not.

I would like to know if it is possible to hack into a server without the user needing to download a malicious file, the target would be my friend's virtual server, we are doing this to practice. My friend has already set up the server, BUT he wont tell me which OS he chose, so I will need to find that by using Nmap, but in case the server is running a version of Linux, what would be the most efficient way to break in?

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You should probably start by running nmap and determining what is open and running, then you would need to take that information and research any potential vulnerabilities and/or exploits for what is running. This could include many more scans and information gathering techniques on the victims machine before finding a way in.

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