Forum Thread: Question About Installing OSes

I don't have access to a flash drive or SD card, but I need to put a different operating system on my old desktop. I have an idea that might work but I want other people's opinion. Okay...

If I create an empty partition, then put the iso on that partition, could I then overwrite the other operating system from the one I put on the other partition?

In my head, it works, but I've been wrong before. Is this a bad idea? or will I get errors? Anything helps!

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When you specify where to boot from in your BIOS, you can't specify partitions, only the device from where you'll be booting.

As far as theory goes, I'm with you, that could work if you set that partiton with the boot flag, but if that fails, your computer turns into a brick. I'd reccomend you to get a flash drive or even get a DVD and use that as your installation device. It's inexpensive and way less risky.

If you decide to take your chances, I'd like to know about the result, but I'd advice you to NOT do it.

You cant put an installation iso in a drive to install...
It has to be a ghost/installed windows iso...
If it is one... then you just need to set boot settings accordingly... try freebsd

I'm an IDIOT! I didn't think about a DVD! Thank you kitten!

That actually makes me wonder what will happen... I'll try it, and if it does fail, it's no big deal, I have a couple extra hard drives laying around.

A dvd would work just fine!!
Glad to help;);)...

Is kitten for female cat or male cat?? Call me T;);) haha;);)
EDIT - OH that was actually for kitten... haha sorry ;);)

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