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Hello, i need to install Kali Linux on my rooted android phone. I will install it to my 8gb SD Card. And here is my question:

Is 8gb enough for Kali Linux and all hacking tools? Do i need to install Kali meta packages? And if i need to wich one? And last wich is the correct way using LinuxDeploy - in the setting choose partition or choose mountpoint? I will installing on ext2 partition.

This are meta packeges that i found on Kali's website. So do i need it?

Sorry for my bad English, hope you understand my questions.

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i would Install kali-linux and kali-linux-wireless. you could install kali-linux-web too if you'd like to do some web hacking on your phone.

8GB is certainly enough for all hacking tools, but it is not recommended, because it will eat up a whole lot of space and make your phone slow. i recommend an image size of 2.2 GB.


I have a 16 GB SD card and i thought about installing kali using linux deploy, BUT, you wont be able to control it smoothly unless you have a wireless mouse and keyboard, also it will definaltely slow down the phone when running, And some of the tools wont work, like the airsuite etc...

You just need the terminal. Using GUI tools on a phone is a bit ridiculous if you ask me.


Never mind i uninstalled it, pretty much useless when i got ssh on my real machine

it's not useless because tell me: how are you going to hack a wifi with your phone by SSH'ing into your home box?


Some netbooks come with long lasting batteries, they are small and nicely fit in a backpack or a briefcase, along with your favourite Alfa card and optionally even an antenna. You can use that as main hacking device while you are ssh'ing from your handheld phone. Ok, it's not much practical for everyday use, but still a solution when you are targeting someone in particular. Also, the antenna-in-a-bag can be dropped closer to the victim for attacks that require high proximity.

That might be a solution yes, but then why use your phone? why not just use your notebook?


Because approaching your target with a netbook and typing furiously commands on the keyboard is more suspicious than just having your phone. Plus one of your hands is free and you can pocket the phone, while it's not so practical to pocket a netbook. Also battery is an issue, with the netbook you gain more time. And not many phones support monitor mode without attaching an antenna to it, that again, is suspicious.

This seems to clear it up for me. thanks.


Can you make a little tutorial on the Antenna-in-a-bag attack thing? i saw it in some shows and stuffs but i didnt know how its possible

Yes, I shall consider making a howto on this. Just don't know when it will be complete, but given enough interest, I'll be on it.

Cant wait for the Tut, Trust me people will like it

Well anyways it would work because most phone chips dont support monitor mode ;)

Most phone chips don't support monitor mode yes, but EVERY android phone supports USB dongles. And considering that laptops often don't have a chip that has monitor mode either or just a plain bad one, you will need your adapter anyway. so what's the difference?


Like I said above, it's kinda suspicious to walk around with usb OTG cable attached to your phone + the wifi dongle and an antenna.

And for the laptop part, you still need a secondary antenna. You just use the internal card to make the local AP the phone connects to (what is sometimes missing is support for proper injection, but it will suffice to create an ap) and the second to perform the attack. Bonus points: you can add more than one wifi card, only limited by your usb ports.

Meh, I put it in my bag so nobody noticed.
Jokes apart, it was more like a challenge for me but it worked nicely.

The best way would be Raspberry pi, if you ask me.

What you achieved and the guide you wrote are simply AWESOME. No doubt !!!! Also, I agree on the RPi, that would be really the best option. Hope I can get hold of one soon.

Yeah i know, i used linux deploy yesterday to install kali, when it finished there wasnt any tool or anything, How do i install a metapackage?

apt-get install <metapackage name>


what is SHA1Sum?what is the role in kali linux?

The SHA1 is a hash of the image. Its a way to check to make sure it wasn't corrupted while downloading.

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