Forum Thread: Question About LinuxDeploy and Kali Linux

Hello, i need to install Kali Linux on my rooted android phone. I will install it to my 8gb SD Card. And here is my question:

Is 8gb enough for Kali Linux and all hacking tools? Do i need to install Kali meta packages? And if i need to wich one? And last wich is the correct way using LinuxDeploy - in the setting choose partition or choose mountpoint? I will installing on ext2 partition.

This are meta packeges that i found on Kali's website. So do i need it?

Sorry for my bad English, hope you understand my questions.

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3 Responses

I have a 16 GB SD card and i thought about installing kali using linux deploy, BUT, you wont be able to control it smoothly unless you have a wireless mouse and keyboard, also it will definaltely slow down the phone when running, And some of the tools wont work, like the airsuite etc...

what is SHA1Sum?what is the role in kali linux?

The SHA1 is a hash of the image. Its a way to check to make sure it wasn't corrupted while downloading.

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