Question: Same Domain, Diferent IPs ?

Hey there, I was with nothing else to do and I was pinging random domains and in one I've got something like this:

I ping the main domain and got an IP, pinged one of it subdomains and got an IP on the same address range but after that, pinging it "sub subdomain" I got a different IP pointing to another place that doesn't seems to relate (at first inspection). And pinging again the same "sub subdomain" I got another different address (note to red rectangules).


1 - The subdomain works as a router or a switch layer 3 OR something else?

2 - Returning a different address range (and name), can this meen that its pointing/delivering to another network or subnetwork?

3 - Returning different IP addresses from the same "sub subdomain", what does this meen? Same machine with different ports or two machine for the same name? (or even something else?)

Ty for your attention,


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Probably just round-robin DNS. It's a load balancing technique so that requests don't all hit the same server at once. It basically means they have several servers hosting an identical service, and auto-rotate the DNS response.

So to take down the site, you must ddos all the servers?

i guess load balancer main to point to reduce traffic and prevent DDOS i installed barracuda once that indeed was effective .. so maybe even if you DDos all the ip's wont work .

Hi there,

I've been doing some research and "akamai" is a sort of cloud solution service wich helps deliver media content (like images and videos) faster. Like Netstat sayed in the begining its some sort of load balancer too.

Guys/Girls there is no intent to DDOS anything, this is only to know how stuff works :) Its just "academic research" ;)


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