Forum Thread: [Question] Some Tips on Anonymity for a Beginner

Hey folks! I recently got into 'ethical hacking" (I'm more or less on the outskirts, but I'm really interested!). I have a few questions on NOT getting caught while using premade scripts (yeah, i'm a "skid", i get it.)

  1. When using xerosploit, it says? "proxying on (lan ip usually goes here):8080". Does this leave any logs that can lead back to MY machine? Note: this happens when sniffing trafick.
  1. When I connect to a new AP, does the router log that, and when I go to the router page (lan page), is that logged? Are deauth packets logged? If so, how do I delete these?
  2. In an evil twin attack, what do I need to be worried about in terms of getting caught?
  3. In an evil access point (Not mimicking others, just using bettercap to sniff on traffic), what do I need to watch out for?
  4. When using tools like wifiphisher to skip all that WPA/WPA2 cracking, what do I need to be worried about? Any logs or whatnot?
  5. Is clearrev enough for a persistant reverse shell, or even a temporary one?

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