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Hello, I am here to say a little about DoS basically DoS is Denial of Service. It is done by simulation of many users at one server by one attacker. There are many type of DoS but lets talk about the ones that actually work at this time which is 2016.

1.slowloris attack

It works by sending too many requests and not closing the connection which means the server will wait until it is closed and will not accept any other request which means DoS.

2.too many threads
It is like slowloris but much more aggressive and doesn't include the part where you don't close the xonnection.
3.Packet overfloods
This is a collection of my attacks like smb overflood, UDP flooding TCP flooding and many more.

This works by sending too many people packets at a specified port to flood it,this technique will take too much time.And if the server knew that you are doing this they will block you and redirect your traffic to server fake.

Some Tools Used for DoS.

1.LOIC (low orbit ion canon)

This tool is simple to use GUI application for windows, it has many options and effective against the victim.But there is no IP spoofing so it is basically a suicide DoS.

It is a simple lined python tool that uses urllib2 to send or over flood the server with many webpage requests.
command line option -python safe

It is a Perl script with command line optins .I have explains how it works so the usage is - Perl

you can make it more aggressive by editing a few lines.
4.TORs hammer
A simple tool used for DoS but over TORs network,meaning you are untraceable.


So this tutorial was about how to DoS an server or a website. So DDos is Distributed version of it ,it means many peoples do that so more effective. To protect ur server from this google it there are many options. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions you can ask freely.

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