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Would a 32 bit payload be fully functional on a 64 bit target machine?

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Generally, the answer is yes.

Thanks OTW, would you mind specifying the exceptions, if there are any?

The only exceptions I can think of are if they require 32bit device drivers or they are injecting code into 64bit programs.

Thanks once again :D

which when using meterpreter and injecting into a different process can make a big difference. try to use the right bit payload!

Yeap, I belive 64bit systems can work with 32bit aplications but 32bit systems will not work with 64bit aplications - please correct me if I am wrong.


Thanks for the quick reply :D

Pretty sure you are correct in Windows at least. In 64-bit, 32-bit applications run on top of an emulation of a 32-bit operating system called WOW64. WOW64 intercepts all operating system calls made by a 32-bit application, therefore running the application in a completely different way in a sort of VM but just for that application.

Oh okay, thanks for the reply :D

32 bitpayload?? You mean payload made frim a 32 bit machine??
I dont see any problem in that.. ;);)

I had issues with 32bit payloads from msfvenom on 64bit systems, however that seems to be fixed a couple days ago through an update.

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