Forum Thread: Radio Waves of Doom

They essentially developed malware that can create a bidirectional channel of communication between your device and a sealed off network. All you need is actual physical proximity and malware to have infected the target (via a USB drive etc)

Okay so i just copied part of it, but did any one actually try something like this, sounds to good to be true ?

FM Radio Waves used to Hack Air-Gapped Systems

FM Radio Waves used to Hack Air-Gapped Systems FM radio waves can be used to hack into and get access to an air-gapped secure network. All you need is proximity and a mobile phone.

Step 1:

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To be honest sounds too good to be true, First time I heard of somthing like this, I would like hear more :D

Sealed off network? Like a closed shell system (I think we're going into theory's now)

Sealed off network, like intranet it says in text.

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